Platform: iOS, Android
Engine: Unity
Year: 2019

Asteroid Odyssey was the second digital game project we made on the two year education I’m currently on in Boden, Sweden.

Asteroid Odyssey
is a puzzle game where the player is tasked with connecting all cargo boxes on screen with each other by swiping them along a grid. Once a box has been swiped, it will not stop moving until it has collided with something else, either an obstacle or another box.

Dennis Löfgren - Team Lead, Game Designer, Puzzle Designer, UI Artist
Joakim Börjesson - Programmer
Carl Stengård - Artist, Sound Designer, Assistant Puzzle Designer

I’m really proud of the puzzle design I did on this project. I wanted to create puzzles that were easy to learn while also making sure the tutorial didn’t feel too long and boring to experienced players. The game teaches you all the mechanics, one by one, without a single word and then throws you into some tough puzzles and it all feels very rewarding.

Another aspect I paid much attention to in this project was the UI design. I wanted to minimise the jarring transition between the iOS experience and the UI inside the game. I achieved this by following Apple’s design guidelines while still infusing the games own look.

I’m very proud of this project and I believe I was successful in accomplishing what I set out to do. However, there are still things to be done in taking this to a final state.

What needs most work is the overall structure of the game, how you proceed and unlock new puzzles. Currently the game just has a linear progression which can cause players to get stuck on a particularly hard puzzle. In continuing this project I would like to adopt a semi non-linear progression. This allows players to quit a puzzle and start another one in the meantime, minimising frustration in the player.