Top-Down Action


A top-down action game where you can dash and crouch, then slide by combining them.
This game was made during the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam and was in development for less than 48 hours. We weren't able to achieve our goals within the time limit.

Controller Required
Powered By Unreal Engine 4

Diamond Dash Team
Dennis Löfgren - Game Designer, Artist
Oskar Swing - Programmer

Twin-Stick Shooter


A space research station known as ERIN Station has been overrun by their experiments, monsters capable of adapting to any environment, even space. It's now your job to clean up the station and save the universe.

Controller Required
Powered By Erin Studio Engine

Erin Studio
Fanny Gustafsson - Project Lead
Dennis Löfgren - Creative Lead
Marc Andersson - Technical Lead
Mattias Månsson - File Format Lead
Viktor Lund - Technical Artist
Benjamin Dannegård - Technical Artist



Emission is a racing game set in a far away future with neon lights everywhere. You play as a futuristic motor bike who has to race around the track three times before the time runs out.

Controller Recommended
Powered By Unity

Emission Team
Dennis Löfgren - Technical Artist
Oskar Swing - Technical Artist
Jakob Lidborn - Technical Artist