About Dennis Löfgren

I am a 23 year old Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Producer and Gaming Enthusiast based in Boden, Sweden. I’m currently studying Game Design full time at Boden Business Park.

My passion lies in Game Development, Graphic Design and YouTube Video Production.

On this page you can find examples of graphic design and game projects that I've worked on as well as a short story that I wrote. Go to my YouTube Channel to see my Video Production portfolio.

Design Work

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Graphic Design

Here are some of my best Graphic Design work, created with Adobe Photoshop CC.
I like making logos, a great logo helps me visualize whatever it represents.

Product Design

Here are some Product Design Concepts that I've created in Adobe Photoshop CC. 
I enjoy designing products and imagining what they would be like to use.

Super Mario Maker Levels

WORLD 1 - Following Nintendo’s design philosophy

Here is a series of four Levels and a Bonus Level that I made in Super Mario Maker. It may seem weird to some that I put levels in Mario Maker in my portfolio, but they demonstrate my skills in Level Design just as much as a game would. I’m really proud of how they turned out and have been a great exercise in Level Design. Level Codes for all the stages are available below if you wanna play them yourself. If you don’t own a copy of Super Mario Maker, then you can watch these videos in the playlist!

1-1: Mushroom March - EE80-0000-03B6-D46A
1-2: Bullet Bill Bumpin’ - C0E6-0000-03B6-D473
1-3: Sawblade Parade - E06C-0000-03B6-D5A2
1-C: Complete Castle Culmination - Not available
1-B: Special Spiny Spinnin’ - Not available

Developed in 2018


Creative Writing


This Book Belongs to Taylor is a short story that I wrote during a university course in Creative Writing. This is my first ever official work in storytelling. So while I'm very proud of it, I'm sure there are many mistakes in the eyes of professional writers. 

Taylor is a 19 year old girl in college and she has fallen in love. Read the diary entries following her journey of gathering the courage she needs to make the biggest move in her life.

Note: This Book Belongs to Taylor is a collection of diary pages and can therefore feel rather disjointed, this is intentional.


Written in 2018


Game Projects

STRIKE FOR GLORY - Educational Game Project

This was made as the second game project in the Game Design education I’m currently participating in. Developing…

Strike For Glory is a 2D arena platform fighting game centered around melee combat. Developing…

Strike Team 4+2
Dennis Löfgren - Team Lead, Game Designer, UI Artist
Khoubeib Klai - Programmer
Olle Wistbacka - Game Designer, Sound Designer, Writer
Jessica Mattila - Character Artist, Poster Artist, Concept Artist
Liridon Imeri - Environment Artist, Poster Artist, Concept Artist
Daniel Knysh - Additional Artist


Developed in 2019

Powered by Unity


Ballot Blitz - Educational board game project

This game was made as the first game project in the Game Design education I’m currently participating in. It was a lucky accident that the game turned out as fun and interesting as it did, especially since I don’t have a lot of experience with board games outside of the basics like Monopoly.
I created the visual style for the game. I was also heavily involved in the design process and came up with many of the ideas that formed the final version.

Ballot Blitz is a party game that can be played with anyone! The objective is simple, go to the center with the most amount of points collected. You gain or lose points by landing on the different areas on the game board. If the game doesn’t go your way, remember that the tables can turn even in the very end!

Ballot Blitz Team
Dennis Löfgren - Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Editor
Khoubeib Klai - Game Designer, Writer
Mikael Tidebring - Game Designer, Concept Artist, 3D Artist
Victor Doktare Idenstedt - Game Designer, Concept Artist

Developed in 2018


DIAMOND DASH - Game Jam Project

This game was made during the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam and was in development for less than 48 hours.
I created all the assets. The image to the right shows what the stage was supposed to look like. However, due to some last minute complications, we weren't able to implement it in time.
The plan was also to have enemy waves as well as a dynamically evolving stage layout.

A top-down action game where you can dash and crouch, then slide by combining them. You use the dash to defeat tall enemies and the slide to defeat short enemies.

Diamond Dash Team
Dennis Löfgren - Game Designer, Artist
Oskar Swing - Programmer

This is what the stage was supposed to look like.

This is what the stage was supposed to look like.

Developed in 2017

Powered By Unreal Engine 4

Expulsion - educational game Project

A small educational project developed by me and five other people over 8 weeks. Everything was made from scratch including the engine itself.
While everyone had a part in every piece of the game, we all had a focus, for me it was the creative side as well as 2D and 3D art.

A space research station known as ERIN Station has been overrun by their experiments, monsters capable of adapting to any environment, even space. It's now your job to clean up the station and save the universe.

Erin Studio
Fanny Gustafsson - Project Lead
Dennis Löfgren - Creative Lead
Marc Andersson - Technical Lead
Mattias Månsson - File Format Lead
Viktor Lund - Technical Artist
Benjamin Dannegård - Technical Artist

Developed in 2016

Powered By In-House C++ Engine

Emission - educational GAME project

A small educational project made by me and two other people. The purpose of the project was to let us use our 2D/3D art and programming skills to use in Unity. We were also tasked to specifically make a racing game where you were racing against the clock.
While everyone had a part in every piece of the game, we all had a focus, for me it was the creative side as well as 2D and 3D art.

Emission is a racing game set in a far away future with neon lights everywhere. You play as a futuristic motor bike who has to race around the track three times before the time runs out.

Emission Team
Dennis Löfgren - Technical Artist
Oskar Swing - Technical Artist
Jakob Lidborn - Technical Artist

Developed in 2015

Powered By Unity

Block Vortex - Educational game Project

A small high school graduation project made entirely by me with some help of my teacher, friends and YouTube tutorials.
I did all aspects of the game except for the Unity Engine and the royalty free music that I borrowed.

Block Vortex is a 2D platformer set in a colorful world where a vortex has torn the world apart and blocks of land are floating everywhere. You jump on enemies and try to reach the door at the end of the level. But don't rush it, there are hidden doors that lead you to secret levels!

Block Vortex Team
Dennis Löfgren - Game Designer, Artist, Programmer

Developed in 2014

Powered By Unity