Rebreak is a gaming and entertainment focused YouTube channel hosted by Dennis Löfgren and friends.

While the channel is currently not active due to Dennis’ focus on game development, he is still interested in YouTube video production and helps his friend Derek Kerley with his channel Kerley Studios. He co-hosts Retry Radio, a spiritual successor to his own Rebreak Radio.



Rebreak Radio is an episodic gaming, tech and pop culture themed podcast hosted by Dennis Löfgren and his friends on YouTube.

The show consists of four segments: Intro, News, Topics and Pitch.

Intro: The intro is just small talk before they head into the news. They talk about anything from current events to what games they are playing at the moment.

News: The news segment is where they discuss the most interesting news stories of the week in gaming, tech and pop culture.

Topics: Topic of the Show is just a related or unrelated topic about literally anything, doesn't even have to be gaming, tech or pop culture related.

Pitch: Pitch of the Show is what makes Rebreak Radio unique. This is where one member of the show pitches a game in an existing franchise with as much detail as possible. Going into story, relation to the franchise, gameplay and other details about the game idea.



Rebreak Arcade is a serial gaming Let's Play series hosted by Dennis Löfgren and Oskar Swing on YouTube.

The show follows a short episodic structure with each episode targeting 10 minutes in length. The goal is to play through the entire game, however, this should not be expected when a new series launches.

Rebreak Arcade also has a spin-off show called Rebreak Arcade Shorts.
Shorts are funny moments from Rebreak Arcade cut out and heavily edited with extra visual content on top of the original video. 

Tip: You can easily binge an entire Rebreak Arcade Series by watching through it's official playlist. That way you'll be immediately forwarded to the next episode after it ends! You can find the best ones below.



Star Watch is a serial podcast about ranking and reviewing all the Star Wars movies. It's hosted by Dennis Löfgren, Derek Kerley, Paul and Stampy.

In each episode, we watch one of the movies, talk about it and then give it a final ranking. We also hit on some facts and trivia about each movie. 

The show currently stands unfinished due to scheduling conflicts.